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From FREE DIY tips to Turnkey Service, our spectrum of service satisfies!

Got Funny?

Want Funny? Need Funny? Remember Chickenman, the Tooth Fairy or the infamous Hiney Winery? 

Seeking partners to develop radio comedy elements to be syndicated for fun and profit. Let's collaborate on parody songs & ads, recurring character phone-ins, serial comedy bits etc. that can be syndicated nationally.

Sale Managers looking for sponsor-able inventory; Talent or Producers looking for signature bits encouraged to call. We Got Funny!

How Funny? This Funny!  


WROG Demo Reel

WROG Demo Reel

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Service Smörgasbörd

  • Sales Training

  • Effective Scheduling

  • Client Workshops

  • Promotions

  • Copywriting

  • Voiceovers

  • Character Voices

  • Audio Production

Celebrating 50 Years in Sales!

Sample scripts with production notes, airchecks of on-air shenanigans, collateral materials for sales and promotion, merchandise ideas, blueprints for promotions and calibration instructions for Zenith Transoceanic shortwave receivers are available upon request. 

Radio Ad Player

Brothers in the Struggle

WROG Mercenaries of Mirth & Marketing We'll bring in Jon Holiday @ Radio Consulting Services when programming help is needed.

Our sensei David Lee @ David Lee Imaging gets the call when we require his particular set of skills.

We all play nice together, so WROG recommends either without reservation. Tell 'em WROG sent you.

Every picture tells...

 ...a story, don't it? -- Rod Stewart

When things for me looked darkest, Radio Saved My Life! Click any image to learn tawdry details from yet another chapter in the ongoing saga of my lifelong love affair with radio. 

Radio Comedy Ads That Kill!

"We Tried Radio. It Doesn't Work." 

Some of our happiest customers shared that sentiment when we met. We feel an obligation to show folks how to make Radio work for them, so we are happy to discuss both the business and the creative sides of Radio. From either side of the mic. Tips for business owners, campaigns for clients, workshops for new hires in radio advertising sales; we'll talk Radio anytime, with anyone, at any level. 

As it turns out The Buggles were wrong; TV didn't kill the Radio Star. Neither has the internet. Radio continues to evolve in ways unforeseen just a few years ago. Folks call on WROG to provide cost-effective services that leverage the power of Radio! Our Diabolical Process: While the creative product is showcased here, within each ad you will also ‘hear’ each client's sales process at work. WROG crafts every Radio ad to address the client's specific needs. Delivered on time and under-budget, each ad features the perfect balance of attention-getting, info delivering and call to action. 

WROG Makes Radio Work for You!

We Live Radio! Listening in the shower, in the car., everywhere. Restoring old tube sets. And learning the Business of Radio from the best:

  • Grew up listening to WLS and WCFL in the Golden Age of Top 40 Radio, hearing the wizardry of Dick Orkin, the inspiration for many of the personalized, humorous storytelling spots created here. Thanks, Dick!
  • David Lee was my mentor at 93QFM. David Lee Imaging today handles audio imaging for the Traxxas Monster Truck Tour, PBR, the NFL on Westwood One Sports and radio stations like KUPD-FM, Phoenix
  • Dan O’Day, America's highest paid copywriter, amuses with his DJ Salary Calculator and inspires with his workshops and tools for peeps in the Radio biz
  • Last saw Chris Lytle at the '96 RAB convention, where he decoded my cryptic title of G.M.A.A.N.G. at a glance. First saw him lead Wilson Learn Associate's One Minute Salesman training, and again later for his own on Radio Ad Sales course

Better for every experience, I'm ready to put that experience to work for you!

Call WROG for Copywriting • Ad Production • Voice Overs • Media Buying • Sales Training • Promotions

Lines Are Open!

Call Now! Let us put our experience on either side of the mic to work for you.

WROG Office & Studios

6745 Camelia Drive, Miramar FL 33023

Request Line: (925) 609-4764

WROG All Rog All The Time

Need Funny? Want Spots? Crave Sales Training?

Contact us for everything radio, on either side of the mic. A spectrum of service levels, from DIY Tips to turnkey service when you need radio ad copywriting, voice-overs, audio production, promotional outlines, media buying, sales training.

Our processes and programs adapt easily and scale readily - any format, any market, anytime.
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