In the future, everyone gets fifteen megabytes of fame!

First, please review and sign our petition to retire the national debt!
This is an actual, live petition where each signature is sent to Trump, with CC to his staff.

WROG wants to Partner with Broadcasters and Talent:

Listeners love to be on the inside of an inside joke. Let's conspire together on this one!
Here is just one way you could lay this gag out and reel 'em in:

  • Tease: "Today, we're going to reveal a foolproof plan to retire the national debt. Or maybe, just a fool... "
  • Setup: "We found [ blog/site ] with this idea; create a virtual cuss jar to retire the national debt. Wadda you listeners think?"
  • Sell: "We love/hate/wonder about [ depending on how ya wanna play it ] this idea... "
    [ develop your thoughts, solicit questions from callers, recall recent relevant guests/topics ]
  • Payoff: "On the phone with us now is [ character - providing hilarious time-filling, revenue-generating content ] 

Gag works with any format. Put your spin on this gag - analytical, philosophical, patriotic or subversive - it still kills.

Let's go viral!

Options from WROG: Custom Radio Comedy

Blog of WROG Diabolical Radio Comedy Plot

  • Brandable Elements for station/sponsor/cause
    Actual Petition || Sample Blog || Sample Meme
  • Character can be customized and localized
  • Web, social media and SEO supported
  • Character available as spokesperson
  • Monetize or offer as value added
  • Opportunities for radio ad, web ad, combo and sponsorship sales
  • Sales support from Pro Tips to Turnkey

Radio audiences grow when they are having fun! Station/Talent customizes for maximum relevance and revenue!.
WROG gets a future filled with lines of dialog besides "Welcome to Walmart" or "Do you want fries with that?".

Everybody Wins! C'mon! Let's Play! 

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