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From The Top: Let's Focus on Your Bottom Line!

Station Owners: When your Clients need a Radio Campaign that is entertaining, informative and affordable, give us a call. You gain a Trusted Advisor to help your station meet your goals, and your staff gains valuable experience with every interaction.

Business Owners: Radio, alone or in strategic combination with other media, has an unbeatable ROI. Audition our Demo Reel or use the Radio Ad Player to hear the ads in full. Then imagine what we might make your business sound like.

No matter which side of the table you are on, when it comes to Radio Advertising, we can help.

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Our Story So Far

Now it can be told.. since the statutes of limitations for these shenanigans have finally passed.


The Method to My Madness

As it turns out The Buggles were wrong; TV didn't kill the Radio Star. Neither has the Inter Webs. Radio continues to evolve in ways unforeseen just a few years ago, and WROG continues to provide cost-effective services that let Radio help you build your bottom line!

Works presented here were written, voiced and produced by WROG. Scripts and production notes are available for review by potential clients or budding, young producers or account executives seeking tips or inspiration. 

While the creative product is showcased here, you will also ‘hear’ the client's sales process at work within each ad. Ads shouldn't exist for entertainment alone - WROG crafts every Radio ad to address the client's specific need for more patrons at their bar, or more sales for their team, or more traffic for their website. Delivered on-time and under-budget, some of the work presented here began when the potential client gave voice to those immortal words: 

"We Tried Radio. It Doesn't Work." 

While we don't dispute anyone's experience, you may do well to question their conclusions. Tune in to your area Radio station and you'll hear ads from many different companies. What do these companies know that the others don't? They simply know how to make Radio work for them.

WROG Makes Radio Work for You!.

I Live Radio! Listening in the car. Restoring old tube sets. And studying the Business of Radio from the best:

  • Grew up listening to WLS and WCFL in the Golden Age of Top 40 Radio, hearing the wizardry of Dick Orkin, inspiration for many of the personalized, humorous story telling spots created here
  • David Lee was my first Audio Engineer, Trainer and Mentor. David Lee Imaging today provides the distinctive production for the Monster Jam, PBR and Cooper Tire ads, and imaging for Radio stations like WAXY, Miami
  • Dan O’Day (America's highest paid copywriter) amuses with his DJ Salary Calculator and inspires with his workshops and tools for peeps in the Radio biz
  • Last saw Chris Lytle at the '96 RAB convention, where he decoded my full title at WOZN FM, in Key West. Clever guy. Learned this first-hand when I took his radio sales course years before

Better for every experience, I'm ready to put that experience to work for you!

Let's Talk Radio! The Request Lines are Open - Call Now!


Find out what Radio can do for You! The WROG Request Line is Now Open!

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